Doors of the World


  1. Fascinated by doors and window… I’m sure a therapist would say I am looking for an entry or an exit! I love your stuff… have lots from Cyprus.

    • Thank you Stephen! Hope to add Cyprus in a near future.

  2. Hey Andre I just happened to find your website, and I am thrilled by your photographies! I share your passion of doors and windows, as I myself take this kind of photos when I visit a city. I wish you the very best in your worldwide project, hoping to see more beautiful pictures :)

    • Thanks, Aurore! It’s all the details that makes the buildings so charismatic :)

  3. Fantásticas. Adoro las puertas y las ventanas. Muchas gracias.

  4. Glorious presentation! Thank you for exposing my favorite architectural detail and staging it so perfectly!

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