Doors of the World


  1. Fascinated by doors and window… I’m sure a therapist would say I am looking for an entry or an exit! I love your stuff… have lots from Cyprus.

    • Thank you Stephen! Hope to add Cyprus in a near future.

  2. Hey Andre I just happened to find your website, and I am thrilled by your photographies! I share your passion of doors and windows, as I myself take this kind of photos when I visit a city. I wish you the very best in your worldwide project, hoping to see more beautiful pictures :)

    • Thanks, Aurore! It’s all the details that makes the buildings so charismatic :)

  3. Fantásticas. Adoro las puertas y las ventanas. Muchas gracias.

  4. I just visited your perfect website that is one of friend sent to my we-chat. 10years ago I had taken some photo only for door and window in Italy when I had been stay there for my study of MA in fashion design. Just like you wrote that the details I love very much!
    I wanted and planed to use the materials for my design element book, but till now still in thinking how to make it more interesting…
    Anyway, very glad to visit your website and hope to exchange idea each other. Thanks, Xin
    From Shanghai China

  5. Glorious presentation! Thank you for exposing my favorite architectural detail and staging it so perfectly!

  6. Hi,

    Great collection of photos and very inspiring. I was wondering which focal length you prefer for doors photography?


    • Hi Nasser, It depends on the size of the streets, I don’t use just one focal length.

  7. Hi Andre,

    I love and am inspired by your work. Thank you for sharing your craft with us.

    From a Portuguese-Canadian :)

  8. Hi Andre,

    I myself have a huge fascination for doors, the detail in craft and ageing of them. Good to see you have taken the task of documenting as I wish to. Best of Luck and look forward to seeing your work!

    Kind Regards,

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