Windows of the World


Windows are considered a vital element of every building, not only to bring it to life but also to give some vitality and personality to it. I find it amusing that a small piece of glass between the interior and exterior of a house gives us the feeling of security and also the way that the house owners can be identified by their choices on their concept of beauty and architecture of the windows, some very flashy and opulent and others very humble.

I assembled the thousands of photographs that I had by cities or regions and created the collections that made the project Windows of the World come to life, the result of the series is a study in urban architecture and aesthetics highlighting the uniqueness of the world’s windows.

In the process of choosing the photographs of the windows I normally don’t pick the most beautiful ones, some are very unique and don’t fit well with others, I try to give to each city or region it’s singularity and identity, and so, it gives us a glimpse into their history and culture. It’s a big evolution from the earliest windows that were only a hole in the wall.








Windows of Venice

THE Italian & Austrian ALPS

Windows of The Alps


Windows of Burano


Windows of Trento

EVORA, Portugal

Windows of Evora

PORTO, Portugal

Windows of Porto


Windows of Lisbon

ALBUFEIRA, portugal

Windows of Albufeira

LISBON, portugal

Windows of Lisbon

SESIMBRA, portugal

Windows of the World - Sesimbra

ERICEIRA, portugal

Windows of Ericeira


AndreVicenteGoncalves - Windows of the World - Montemor-o-Novo

VENDAS NOVAS, portugal

Vendas Novas

ATALAIA, portugal


SANTA SUSANA, portugal

Windows of the World - Santa Susana

BUCHAREST, romania

AndreVicenteGoncalves - Windows of the World - Bucharest

BRASOV, romania

Windows of the World - Brasov


AndreVicenteGoncalves - Windows of the World - Barcelona, Spain copy


Windows of the World - London, England


Windows of the World - Notting Hill, London


Windows of the World - Figueira da Foz


Windows of the World - Obidos


Windows of the World - Sintra

Windows of the World - Faro
Windows of the World - , Portugal
setubal, PORTUGAL
Windows of the World - Setubal
Ponta delgada, azores
AndreVicenteGoncalves - Windows of the World - Portugal - Ponta Delgada_2000px
Angra do Heroísmo, AZORES

AndreVicenteGoncalves - Windows of the World - Portugal - Azores - Terceira - Angra do Heroismo

Cascais, Portugal

Praia da vitoria, azores
Paris, france

Beja, portugal

silves, PORTUGAL

Hamburg, germany

monsanto, portugal

caldas da rainha, portugal

Viana do castelo, PORTUGAL




  • I love your work, this project is amazing. I wish I lived somewhere so beautiful.

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thank you Kate! There is beauty everywhere, we just have to look to the right place 🙂

      • These are absolutely mesmerizing! I just love, not only the images, but how you’ve categorized them. Truly a beautiful piece of work!

        • AndreVicenteGoncalves

          Thank you Rachel! I’m really glad you like it 🙂

    • Thank you Kate! There is beauty everywhere, we just have to look to the right place 🙂

  • Christine

    Amasing work!

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thank you Christine!

      • Woww… So amazing ! I loved this <3 Congratulations ! 🙂

        • AndreVicenteGoncalves

          Thank you Gravio! 😀

  • Phuong

    Wow, so amazing! I love all of your photos. Wish I could travel there to see them with my own eyes ^_^

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thank you Phuong 🙂

  • Eduardo Santos

    Excelente trabalho que, certamente, também será prazer. Boa sorte

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Olá Eduardo,

      Fico muito contente por ter gostado do meu trabalho 🙂

    • César Peña

      I love this project. Windows beautifully reflect the personality of their cities. Nice work!

      • AndreVicenteGoncalves

        Thank you César!

  • Yeganeh

    I loved this. So beautiful to look at. I can help you on Lima ….took many photos from windows of Lima 🙂
    Best of luck!!

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Hi Yeganeh,

      Thank you! When I visit Lima I’ll let you know 😀

  • Nicolas jaumo

    Very interesting and original, congratulations! 🙂

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thank you Nicolas!

    • Very nice !

      • AndreVicenteGoncalves

        Thank you Farhadian!

        • Ewout

          Love you work. I can recommend you to go to Russia. Russian traditional windows are amazing pieces of art!

          • AndreVicenteGoncalves

            Thank you Ewout, I can’t wait to go there 🙂

  • Great compilation! Congratulations!

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thank you Isabel!

      • Sophia

        fabulous!! and i feel peace when i looked at your masterpiece.
        unfortunately the windows in China are almost the same design.

        • AndreVicenteGoncalves

          Thank you Sofia! Even if they have almost the same design it could be a good addition to the collection:)

  • María

    Presiosas fotos! preciosas ventanas,
    cuánto buen gusto han tenido nuestros mayores, a ver si nosotros conservamos el legado para que lo disfruten nuestros descendientes!!!

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Gracias María! 🙂

      • Sofia Pires

        Estou a fazer uma dissertação em Arquitetura sobre janelas, que pedaço de arte estas que aqui apresenta. Parabéns pelas fantásticas fotografias! 🙂

        • AndreVicenteGoncalves

          Obrigado Sofia 🙂

  • Catarina Figueiredo

    Gosto bastante da sua página e ao que parece temos um gosto em comum “janelas”, o André fotografa e são lindas, eu iniciei em 2009, uma coleção de aguarelas de janelas de Sintra. A coleção chegou quase há centena, fiz algumas exposições aqui em Sintra e considero que não pintei todas. As suas janelas são lindas apetece pintar todas.

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Fico muito contente por ter gostado, de facto temos um gosto em comum, ficam muito giras em aguarela 🙂

      • Beautiful photos and composition!

        • AndreVicenteGoncalves

          Thank you Marylin!

          • Nicoleta

            Excellent work! thanks for adding my city (Bucharest) onto the visual list of windows. 🙂

          • AndreVicenteGoncalves

            It was a pleasure, thank you! 😀

          • Salomea Restea

            Amazing amazing! Bucharest is my favorite!:) great job friend ! Keep the good work

          • AndreVicenteGoncalves

            Thank you Salomea! I’m really glad you liked it! It was a pleasure to add Bucharest to my collection 🙂

  • Margarida VSantos

    Maravilhoso! Não pude deixar de me tocar com as imagens de Sesimbra, a minha “segudna casa”. Por isso mesmo sugeria um estudo dos Açores, da Terceira, mais concretamente. Lembrei-me que, atentas as tantas particularidades da ilha, era capaz de dar também um resultado bastante engraçado!
    Muitos Parabéns!! Está um projecto fantástico!

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Obrigado Margarida! Está nos meus planos fotografar todas as ilhas dos Açores mas para tal vou necessitar de apoios 🙂

    • Sofia lindo

      Amazing idea ! Very impressed with your creativity. Good luck and I will be following your collections.

      • AndreVicenteGoncalves

        Thank you Sofia 😀

  • Hi,
    Congratulations on your exceptional work. It is impressive and beautiful! I saw your artwork in my hometown on the Bohemian Square weekend and I loved it. Now that I see it again here and especially that you also have a collection with windows from Brasov I`m even happier. I`d like to thank you, you made me see things through a different perspective, also reminded me to pay some more attention to details. Good luck and lots of inspiration!

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Hi Felicia,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I really enjoy Brasov, it’s a beautiful city! The greatest things in life are in the details 😉

      • Kátia Araújo

        Parabéns pelo fantástico trabalho.

        • AndreVicenteGoncalves

          Obrigado Kátia!

  • Iulia Mereuta

    Wow. Beautiful work!

    • Javed aziz


      • AndreVicenteGoncalves

        Thanks Javed!

        • Beautiful project! I love the assemblage.
          Travelling around the world through windows… what a nice concept!
          Hope to see some other cities soon… South of France, Corsica, Apulia?
          Best wishes in all your works.

          • AndreVicenteGoncalves

            Thank you! I want to add more cities but I need to find more sponsors to do so 🙂

            Best Wishes

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thanks Lulia 😀

  • Fabian


    • Oana

      Thank you for this morning’s happiness: the charming janelas of Brasov!

      • AndreVicenteGoncalves

        Thanks Oana, Brasov it’s such a nice city to visit! 🙂

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thanks Fabian!

  • Gabriela Ionescu

    All your photos are extraordinary.I was glad I found windows from Bucharest, my home town., and Brasov a very special town.
    Thank you very much for your work.

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thank you Gabriela! I’m really glad you liked it! It was a pleasure to add Romania to my collection.

      • Gran lavoro! Great work!
        Con i migliori complimenti.
        With the best compliments.

        • AndreVicenteGoncalves

          Thanks Dario! I’m glad you like it!

          With the best compliments.

    • Fatima Barral

      excelente trabalho.também sou apaixonada por fotografia
      em 2002 fiz uma recolha de janelas e portas sobre o Alentejo, que acabou com outras fotografias a serem expostas em Évora e mais tarde fiz uma recolha no Brasil, em Recife e Olinda em que foram expostas ambas as recolhas do Alentejo e e Brasil
      adorei este trabalho e também gostei muito do seu trabalho ,tocou me muito PARABÉNS

      • AndreVicenteGoncalves

        Obrigado Fátima! Fico muito contente por ter gostado do meu trabalho!

  • Valentina Calin

    Your project is fantastic!Your achivement too!Congratulations and keep up the good work!

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thank you so much Valentina! I’m glad you liked it 😀

  • Bill Chambers

    Brilliant collection. Just back from Bucharest and Brasov. You have captured the windows beautifully! Thank you. What about Sibiu in Romania and a few rurl windows! Bill

    • Nelson

      Belíssimas fotos! Estamos te aguardando no Brasil (Minas Gerais). Parabéns!

      • AndreVicenteGoncalves

        Obrigado Nelson! Será um prazer fotografar Minas Gerais 🙂

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thank you Bill! Sibiu will be for the next time 🙂

  • André,

    Muitos parabéns. Gosto muito de viajar, de sentir o Mundo… e este teu projecto é qualquer coisa 🙂

    • Zviad Kirtava

      Thanks a lot, amazingly beautiful! Great idea!
      I would suggest Strasbourg, Copenhagen, Prague, Budapest, Szentendre (also Hungary) and Please, – come to Tbilisi as well!

      • AndreVicenteGoncalves

        Hi Zviad!

        I will try to photograph all of them, never been to Georgia and I would love to!

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Obrigado! As experiências que trazemos das viagens são incalculáveis 🙂

  • carolina nogueira

    É impressionante ver como as janelas de portugal se parecem com as da minha cidade no Brasil!

    Que lindo trabalho, parabens!

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Obrigado Carolina! Gostava muito de fotografar as janelas de diferentes cidades brasileiras para ver as semelhanças.

  • Dan Potop – Bucuresti

    It means to look righteous in the eyes city, super !

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thanks Dan!

  • veronica

    Inspiring! I love the way you took just details and created a piece of art with each picture. Congratulations for taking your project so far! It is a pleasure to look at your compositions and to notice something new each time.

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thank you so much for your comment Veronica! Touches me every time someone likes my project, I’m working hard on it and I will add much more collections 🙂

  • Mari

    Simply beautiful! I share your vision about how fascinating windows are!Thank you for sharing them with the rest of us and for including windows from Bucharest among them!

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thanks Mari! I’m really glad you like it! Romania is an amazing country 🙂

    • Love this project and so happy to now see Romania among the countries you cover! It’s amazing to see the differences and similarities between cities and cultures through these artistic eyes :). Would be great to see windows in the rural side; and from a Romanian perspective, I can reassure you would have some dreamy collages:). Cheers!

      • AndreVicenteGoncalves

        Thank you so much for your kind words, I would love to go to Romania again 🙂

  • C HAMM

    This project is interesting. Have you thought of making them available for purchase to use in Scrapbooking? I have bought cds and kits of such things. A lot of people buy scrapbooking kits through Etsy. Also many places including Ebay & Amazon sell cds.

    I’d be interested to know your response.


    • ALida

      This is amazing! You make me see the beauty of my city, Bucharest!

      • AndreVicenteGoncalves

        Thank you ALida! It was a pleasure 🙂

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Hi! That is an interesting idea, I will think about doing one 🙂

  • Ana Mafalda Faria

    E tenho de saber do teu trabalho através de um blogue estrangeiro… ?!!!!! (” Honestly WTF”!!!)
    Continuação do bom trabalho!

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Olá Ana,

      Infelizmente a imprensa internacional dá mais destaque aos artistas portugueses do que a nacional.

      Obrigado 🙂

  • Sergio Figueiredo

    Bom dia,

    Gostaria de saber se tem a impressão correspondente às janelas de Óbidos e, qual e que seria o valor.

    Com os melhores cumprimentos,
    Sergio Dias Figueiredo

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Olá Sergio

      Sim, as impressões são feitas à medida, pode consultar os valores no seguinte link:

      Com os melhores cumprimentos,

  • That’s amazing ! Great work, I will follow its evolution !

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves


  • Amelia Shankley

    Hi Andre,
    I’ve just come across your work researching for a photography assessment. I love your idea. Very inspiring and beautifully compiled.
    Thank you 🙂

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Hi Amelia,

      Thanks! It is always a pleasure to serve as inspiration.

  • very very cool. a short trip in a glance. was nice to try to guess where the photos were taken, before seeing the names of the cities. keep up the good work! congrats once again

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Thanks Ramona!

      • ana jordan

        I have a book o windows, I agree the things you say.

        • AndreVicenteGoncalves

          Thank you Ana!

  • Rosemary

    Seu trabalho é muito interessante. Gosto muito de janelas; olhar através delas, além da arquitetura, já é uma bela viagem…

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Obrigado Rosemary! 🙂

  • Parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho! Verdadeiras obras de arte são estas janelas! Um abraço de Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Obrigado Haydée! Um abraço 🙂

  • Constanca Silva

    Muitos parabens pelo seu trabalho. E realmente incrivel como uma janela diz tanto de uma cidade/aldeia/vila!
    Entretanto acho que reconheco uma janela.. lembra-se de onde e a primeira janela da segunda linha da coleccao de Sintra??
    Obrigada e fico a espera da nova serie 🙂

    • AndreVicenteGoncalves

      Olá Constança!

      Essa janela é do Palácio Nacional de Sintra. Obrigdo!

    • Gabriela Silva

      Parabéns pelo projecto!
      Tem uma luz fenomenal e um olhar sobre as janelas e os incriveis azulejos portugueses.
      Tem agendada alguma exposição?

      • AndreVicenteGoncalves

        Olá Gabriela,

        Muito obrigado! De momento não tenho agendada nenhuma exposição.

    • Olá Constança!

      Essa janela é do Palácio Nacional de Sintra. Obrigdo!

  • Erika Myer

    Hi Andre

    Your work is just unbelievable and I see your passion, the way you become a unique artist and specialised yourself in this beautiful artwork. Yes, I’m coming from a European background and I see the beauty of the buildings and architectural features. I love windows and I’m very passioned to capture windows, but the way you’ve done this work that’s incredible. I love your photos / work.
    Erika 🙂

    • Thank you Erika! It’s always a pleasure to read your kind words, that makes me work harder! 🙂

  • Olá Gabriela,

    Muito obrigado! De momento não tenho agendada nenhuma exposição.

  • Thank you Ana!

  • Thanks Ramona!

  • Hi Amelia,

    Thanks! It is always a pleasure to serve as inspiration.